About Us

Hi I am Asa and welcome to Live Shop Margo! We are a woman owned small business specializing in women owned, sustainably sourced, and/or ethically made clothing and home decor.


It is our mission to focus on the craft within a product and protecting the hands that make them. We believe all products should have great design, a reason for being, and it should feel good to come home to.

This is why we partner with small businesses, the forefront leaders in the slow fashion, woman owned businesses, and artists to help us curate our collections. Whether it’s a classic home or wardrobe staple, a wearable piece of art, or a true one-of-a-kind home piece, our collections will help you create a timeless classic feel that will withstand the trends and will be cherished for years to come.


Who is Margo? Well, there is a little Margo that lives in all of us. She is the silent leader striving to do better, consistently pushing the envelope forward, challenging the standards. She cares about the journey of a product from where it starts to where it ends. It doesn’t matter what they, say she’ll will do it anyway.

We believe that a small conscious changes will change how you think and how you buy. Let’s start here.