Zoom Coco Hair Claw Set
Zoom Coco Hair Claw Set
Zoom Coco Hair Claw Set

Coco Hair Claw Set


Set of 3 hair claws with a strong grip that lasts for hours.

Colors - Blown, Rose Pink, White

Dimensions - 3"L X 1.6"W 

Great for a french twist! Or half up



About the Brand

Nat is short for Natalia and Noor means light in Arabic. Nat + Noor is a jewelry and accessory brand that encompasses light. Light to us means everything beautiful and lovely. Our brand is dedicated to clean simple aesthetic, fun colors, and delighting our customers! We put a lot of time and energy into curating beautiful designs and great quality. We are all about the practical, yet fun combo! The goal is to spread more NOOR!

The material used for our earrings is a cellulose acetate, which is a non-petroleum base coming from wood pulp. This makes it a renewable resource. There are a few different materials used for our hair clips. Depending on the style, we use metal, cellulose acetate, plastic or an acrylic material.