Zoom Espresso Cup - Dark Grey

Espresso Cup - Dark Grey


Handmade espresso cup (60 ml), by Archive Studio. Dark grey, with a clear glaze on the inside. The outside has a ribbed texture preserving the original texture of the clay, no glaze applied.


About the Brand

After working in Sweden and Spain for over 6 years, for multinational organizations, Lynn and Wouter decide that it is time to build their own brand and apply a different approach.

“We wanted to design our own products taking sustainability, quality and craftsmanship as our main drivers.

Archive Studio, based in Amsterdam, is a design studio with a focus on high quality durable products that are used on a daily base. All Archive Studio products are handmade in a Vietnamese workshop. The cooperation with this small producer has been recognized by the EU as a program supporting the local economy and it feels great to work with such an authentic and dedicated supplier.