Zoom Rattan Saha Baskets
Zoom Rattan Saha Baskets
Zoom Rattan Saha Baskets
Zoom Rattan Saha Baskets

Rattan Saha Baskets

  • handwoven baskets
  • material: rattan
dimensions (d x h)
  • small: 4.7" x 5.1"

  • medium: 6.3" x 6.7"

  • large: 7" x 7.9"

Perfect for storing small objects about the house or for purely decorative display. The three may be used in sequence together, or in separate nooks about the house, bringing their natural beauty to any room


About the Brand

Tonlé is a zero waste, ethical fashion brand on a big mission, to reduce waste generated by larger factories and change the way business is done in the fashion industry. Our process starts with scrap waste sourced from mass clothing manufacturers. Our family of employees is made up of individuals with spirit, drive and dreams. 

At tonlé, when we say every thread matters, we mean it. From the people who work on your clothing to using every single scrap of fabric that comes through our workshop, we care about every step in the process of getting a piece of clothing to your hands, and each person who touches it along the way.